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System's Approach to Organization Development and Change

An organization is a complex living system of moving parts, all connected and affecting each other. When all parts are working together, the system performs effectively and efficiently. When any one area of an organization is not working effectively, it impacts the performance of the entire system in a negative way. The four areas we focus on include:

  1. Strategic Planning/Direction (Where are we going)
    1. What is the Strategic Direction of the company?
    2. What are the Vision, Mission and Values of our company?
    3. What is the Business Plan and how do we execute?
    4. What will get in our way and how do we minimize or eliminate the obstacles?
  2. Organization Structure/ Systems/Processes (How do we get there)
    1. Is the Organization structure the right one to help us achieve our Strategic Direction?
    2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of our processes and systems and do they need to be improved?
    3. What is our communication strategy? How do we get information to the organization and up from the organization?
  3. Leadership and Management Development (How do we improve individual performance)
    1. How do we develop great leaders and managers?
    2. How do we assess Leadership skills?
    3. How do we improve Emotional Intelligence?
  4. Team Interactions (How do we improve team performance)
    1. How do we work together as a team at all levels of the organization?
    2. How can we improve performance with our internal customers?
    3. How do we develop into a High Performing Team?

Burgess Consulting Offerings


Coaching is the process of partnering with an Executive, Leader and/or Manager to develop their overall effectiveness, enhance their self-awareness, improve productivity, and move beyond day-to-day and non-routine obstacles.  Some areas we focus on include:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Interpersonal Relationship Coaching
  • Performance Improvement


A variety of assessment tools are offered to provide opportunities for Executives, Leaders and Managers to raise their level of self-awareness.  Some assessment tools available through Burgess Consulting include:

  • Bar-On EQ-i Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment (Business & Leadership Reports)
  • Clark Wilson (Booth Company) Leadership, Managment, Professional and Team Develoment 360 degree Assessments
  • Leadership Styles Assessment Profiling
  • FIRO - B Assessment Tools - intended to measure a person's need for inclusion, control and openness


Facilitating Executive interactions to clarify direction and areas of focus and developing plans for execution.


Focuses on Design and Facilitation of sessions to meet specific client needs.


Programs are custom designed to meet specific client needs. Some examples of programs are listed below.

  • Understanding Human Behavior
  • Leadership Styles
  • Valuing Dialogue
  • Communication Skills in the Workplace
  • Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Leading Change in the Workplace
  • Leader as Coach - The Art of Coaching
  • Developing High Performance Team Members
  • Team Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Other Custom Designed Programs


Provide on-going development and support to help teams navigate towards creating a high performance team.

  • Setting the Foundation for Team Development/Team Structure
  • Team Training and Development
  • Team Meeting Facilitation