Team Development and Training

Everyone in an organization is a part of one or many teams. Teamwork and collaboration within any team, whether it be a project team, a work group, or a cross functional team, is critical to organizational success. Below are some characteristics of High Performing Teams.

  • Everyone clearly understands the mission, goals and role of the team; everyone knows who is, and who should be, doing what.
  • Team members are skilled in group leadership and/or membership functions.
  • Team members have a high degree of trust in one another.
  • Interaction occurs in a supportive atmosphere.  Suggestions, comments, ideas, information, criticism is all offered in a helpful manner.  Respect is shown for varying viewpoints.
  • Expectations for the group and its members are high.  Goals are stretched.
  • Individuals or subgroup do not dominate the team; everyone participates and has the opportunity to influence the discussion.
  • The team has established procedures for operation including decision making, conflict resolution, and meeting management.
  • The team evaluates its performance periodically.
  • There is a high level of accountability and commitment.
At Burgess Consulting, we help organizations build High Performing teams whether you are the Executive Team or a temporary project team brought together to solve a specific problem. The better people are able to work together, the higher the level of performance and the better the results. Everyone wins.