Leadership/Management Development and Training

Being a manager is an important position in organizations because the position assumes responsibility for achieving organizational results through others. Whether you are a seasoned manager and leader or just beginning on this path, our programs are custom designed to build your awareness, skills and effectiveness in both of these roles. Management and leadership involve deciding what needs to be done, creating networks of people to accomplish the agenda, and ensuring that the work actually gets done. The role of a "manager" is different from the role of a "leader" although their work is complementary. In our training, we provide information to support both roles.

At Burgess Consulting we have over 55 years of experience in this work. We have designed and delivered programs that are as short as one half-day in length, or as long as a three year curriculum (Designed as a Management College). All of our programs are highly interactive, provide opportunities for practice and application, and offer a variety of assessment tools to explore strengths and areas for development.