About Burgess Consulting Inc.

Our Vision

Moving organizations and people toward their greatness through enhanced organizational effectiveness and improved human interactions.

Our Philosophy & Approach ...we believe that:

  • Trust and respect are the cornerstone for all relationships
  • Open, honest, and thoughtful communication builds trust and respect
  • Leadership can be learned
  • Leadership is an "inside-out" process
  • Self-Awareness is a key ingredient to individual growth and development
  • Commitment to self-awareness is the cornerstone of leadership and essential to leadership development
  • Clarity of purpose, goals, and expectations are essential to individual development
  • Clarifying goals and measuring results are essential to improve performance
  • Integration of "task" and "relationship" are critical to organizational success
  • Giving and receiving feedback and being accountable for one's actions enhances individual effectiveness, team effectiveness, productivity, profitability, and motivation

Misson statement

Using a system's approach, we partner with organizations, teams and individuals to improve performance and enhance personal and professional effectiveness. We do this while honoring the spirit of connectedness among all divisions, teams and groups and honoring the diversity of the human spirit...

The following is typical of our work with clients:

  • Assist leaders at all levels to effectively lead and manage organizational change and transition
  • Improve productivity and efficiency using a whole-system's approach
  • Improve bottom line performance and productivity
  • Enhance motivation and self-confidence